• Inspection of sucker rods, tubing, casing, and drill collars
  • Changeover Services
  • Newest Technology and Equipment

Transportation of Octg MATERIALS

Inventory Storage

We have 60 acres of storage for large equipment. On the yard there is also Inside Storage available for Pup Joints and Collars. We offer Racks that will follow your requirements, and/or the manufactures requirements. The whole site is vegetation controlled and the pipe is collared as per API.


Full COR in place. Audit completed and passed in August 2016. Safety Sync external program for certificate tracking & compliance. All manuals and forms are digital for easy access by all employees. Experienced Operators and Comprehensive Safety training for all employees. Employee interactive


Fèniks has reduced its Carbon footprint by reducing yard waste. By reusing 2 x 4’s and cutting them to be racking tier blocks or using them to level racks as dunnage. Reducing the amount of lumber purchased and disposed of. We are a proud supporter of Castrol. We are using their oils for our fleet, increasing our run time between oil changes and reducing our warm-up times during colder weather. Castrol is the first CO2 Neutral engine oil. We promote “paperless” invoicing and encourage our suppliers and customers to use email as primary receiving/sending. Fèniks is dedicated to protecting our Environment for future generations.

Inspection and repair Facility - Onsite

  • Visual Thread & Drift Inspections
  • Full API Inspections
  • Live Reporting
  • Road Units Available

Available oilfield equipment

  • Single Axle Winch Unit – perfect for small loads, pick up of empty rail trailers or any hot shot loads
  • 2 Tractor units – hauling capability of 26,000kgs-27,000kgs
  • Picker Units ranging from 20-30 Ton Stiff Booms, ideal for rig matting, unloading tubulars, pump jack assembly, catwalk placement. The 22 Ton has 100’ of stick which is ideal for any man basket work.
  • 5 – Rail Trailers, 10 triaxle trailers, one of which has the dual live rolls.
  • 2 – Forklift Loaders with buckets/forks



Feniks diversified our fleet and hauling commodities to include aggregate and rock.  We have a wide range of equipment to suite your project needs !

  • Tandem Dump Trucks
  • Tandem Dump Trucks with Pups
  • Tandem Tractors with Triaxle Side Dumps
  • Super B's

  • *Current Projects include the TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Project - Removal of Acid Rock from BC to Alberta, Dump Trucks on the line