Feniks Oilfield Services Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company that will be recognized as the rising leader in interprovincial transportation and in the oilfield hauling, storage and inventory sector.

Our MISSION is to provide economical, safe, accurate and reliable solutions for our customers, employees and community.  We will achieve this through honesty, integrity, hard work and unparalleled professionalism in everything we do.

Through our VISION, we pledge honesty and fairness in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and employees and will represent our company, suppliers and community proudly in our marketplace.  We will work together as a team, with respect for our co-workers and provide the maximum opportunities for personal growth and development for all our people. 

We at Feniks, value family first so if we invest in our employees, we are investing in Family.  Through integrity, hard work and adherence to the guiding principles of our company, as established by our founders, we will continue to strive to become the top, most trusted transportation and inventory company in Alberta and beyond.

Our Team

CEO - Shaun Wattenbarger

CFO - Jennifer Wattenbarger